Principal's welcome


​Woombye State School is a vibrant school with an absolute focus on students and their learning. Our staff are committed to planning and preparing thoroughly in order to actively engage students in all curriculum areas. Staff are supportive of one another, the students and the community and a sense of pride in the school is enhanced by the genuine care and compassion displayed by everyone.

We cannot guarantee that your child will be an academic genius at our school but we will do our best to provide a caring, inclusive and secure environment for everyone.  We will also use our professional experience to provide an education to suit your child.

Students at Woombye understand it is their responsibility to do their very best and in all of their actions to be considerate of others. Our motto 'Achievement with Friendship' provides us with a focal point for discussion regarding attitude, goals and achievement. Our students of our school are characterised by their warm, friendly nature and the way they make visitors feel welcome at our school. The students are proud of our school and work hard to ensure that their academic achievements and social behaviours enhance the great reputation of Woombye State School.

Woombye State School’s ability to cater to the needs of the individual student is managed exceptionally well through our differentiation of the curriculum. These needs range from the students with learning difficulties through to students of exceptional abilities and are carefully considered when constructing the curriculum. Teachers may also access the Special Needs Committee when necessary for support in meeting the needs of individual students. This committee meets regularly dealing with referrals from staff and parents pertaining to students who require assistance outside the scope of general classroom operations. The committee is made up of classroom teachers, learning support teacher, guidance officer and behaviour management specialist.

A ’Zero Tolerance to Bullying’ is promoted and enforced at Woombye State School. Bullying is not tolerated and when made aware of it, we deal with it immediately and emphatically. Behaviour Management at our school is underpinned by the ‘You Can Do It’ Program. Students are actively taught five keys for successful. These keys are Organisation, Resilience, Confidence, Getting Along and Persistence.  

Our school also boasts a great deal of play space that provides four separate play areas. Prep enjoy their own play space while Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6 also have separate areas. With this extra room, lunch hours are often a buzz with soccer matches, austag duels or even test cricket matches.

Parents are always welcome to participate in school life at Woombye State School. In the lower grades, parents are regular supporters in the classroom working with Reading Groups, Art activities, cooking, craft or something totally different. Although more active in the lower school, parents are still very supportive in the middle and upper school in more specialist roles such as cooking, hobby groups and extension programs such as 'Tournament of the Minds' coaches. An active, vibrant Parents and Citizens Committee also operates at Woombye State School providing great support to the school. As a result of these initiatives and the school's 'open door policy', parents are an important and active partner in their child's education.

I invite new families to become part of our wonderful school community and thank existing families for their ongoing support. I encourage anyone wishing to know more about our wonderful school to contact me directly for more information or to organise a school tour if required.

Mr Paul Lowik
Principal, Woombye State School

Last reviewed 05 December 2019
Last updated 05 December 2019