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A school-based newsletter, called the Woombye Whispers, is produced on a Thursday every second week. Copies are distributed to all school families via email. The Woombye Whispers may be printed on request.

woombye-whispers-2019-4-5.pdfWoombye Whispers 5 April 2019woombye-whispers-2019-4-55/04/20192779 KB
p-and-c-newsleter-2019-issue-5.pdfP&C Newsletter Issue 5 2019p-and-c-newsleter-2019-issue-528/03/2019372 KB
woombye-whispers-22-march-2019.pdfWoombye Whispers 22 March 2019woombye-whispers-22-march-201922/03/20191893 KB
p-and-c-newsletter-issue-4-2019.pdfP&C Newsletter issue 4 2019p-and-c-newsletter-issue-4-201915/03/2019368 KB
woombye-whispers-8-march-2019.pdfWoombye Whispers 8 March 2019woombye-whispers-8-march-20198/03/20191618 KB
Woombye Whispers 21 Feb 2019.pdfWoombye Whispers 21 Feb 2019Woombye Whispers 21 Feb 201921/02/20193869 KB
Woombye Whispers 8 February 2019.pdfWoombye Whispers 8 February 2019Woombye Whispers 8 February 20198/02/20193377 KB
Woombye Whispers 30.11.2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 30.11.2018Woombye Whispers 30.11.201830/11/20181267 KB
Woombye Whispers 16.11.2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 16.11.18Woombye Whispers 16.11.201815/11/20182414 KB
02.11.18 Woombye Whispers.pdfWoombye Whispers 02.11.201802.11.18 Woombye Whispers2/11/20182532 KB
Woombye Whispers 19.10.18.pdfWoombye Whispers 19.10.18Woombye Whispers 19.10.1819/10/20181782 KB
Woombye Whispers 21 September 2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 21.09.2018Woombye Whispers 21 September 201821/09/20182616 KB
Woombye Whispers 7 September 2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 7 September 2018Woombye Whispers 7 September 20186/09/20184408 KB
Woombye Whispers 24 August 2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 24 August 2018Woombye Whispers 24 August 201823/08/20183163 KB
Woombye Whispers 10 August 2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 10 August 2018Woombye Whispers 10 August 20189/08/20184433 KB
Woombye Whispers 15.06.2018.pdfWoombye Whispers 15.06.2018Woombye Whispers 15.06.201814/06/20182249 KB