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Benefits of School Uniforms

Benefits of School Uniforms
At Woombye State School we believe there are many benefits to wearing our school uniform:
  • Focus on Learning instead of fashion!
  • Boost School Spirit! Build a sense of community & belonging can lead to better learning & improved attitude.
  • Increases Safety! School staff can easily identify non-students& promote a safe & comfortable atmosphere.
  • Make Mornings Easier! No arguing over what to wear! Uniforms promote time efficiency, organization & neatness.
  • Cost-Effective! Less expensive than other clothing.

  • Encourage Individual Self-Expression through arts, music, sports, personality, academic achievement etc rather than through clothing.

  • Break Down Socio-Economic Barriers! All students wear the same clothes despite differing family incomes.
Please see our Uniform Policy and also our Hat Policy for even more information.
We look forward to seeing you in our Uniform Shop and please don't hesitate to contact the school on (07) 5451 3222 for more information.