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Use of Social Media

The use of Social Media to share news and events is a very common practice these
days to the extent of it being very effective. Programs such as Facebook are exceptional for instant messaging and promoting events and sharing ideas. Many schools such as Woombye State School use Facebook extremely effectively to communicate to their wider communities.
Unfortunately, the down side to this is the use of comments. As much as feedback is appreciated, the feedback must always be respectful and directed at the issue. The feedback should never be personal or of a hurtful nature.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion and opinions need to be shared to obtain other points of view with particular issues. It also should be noted that although your opinion is important to you, there are other opinions out there that may differ to yours and these are to be respected as well. Once comments degenerate into personal attacks on others, the writers of the comments may be entering a legal minefield. There are current lawsuits before the courts where a person, in the heat of the moment, has written something quite derogatory and untrue about another person that has led to a ‘Defamation of Character’ lawsuit. The sharing of opinions is encouraged but ‘character assassination’ of individuals not tolerated and is dangerous.